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Print Glossary

Listed below in our Print Glossary are the common terms used within the printing industry in everyday speak as well as a few definitions and explanations that will be of great help to you. If you ever wondered what is meant when a job 'bleeds' or when a 'dummy' is needed, then here is your chance to wise up on printers' jargon.

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The term used to refer to all operations after printing; also the hand operations of lettering and ornamenting the covers of a book


A style of binding in which the covers and the leaves are trimmed simultaneously as a final operation; when the covers and sections are trimmed at the same time


Numbering progressively by book openings instead of pages, the left and right pages have the same number


A typeface family


A chemical used in printing presses to keep lower the surface tension of water

Four-Colour Process

Colour printing by means of the three subtractive primary colours (yellow, magenta, cyan) and black superimposed; the colours of the original having been seeparated by a photographic or electronic process; Reproduction of full-colour photographs or art with the four basic colours of ink (yellow, magenta, cyan, black)

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