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Print Glossary

Listed below in our Print Glossary are the common terms used within the printing industry in everyday speak as well as a few definitions and explanations that will be of great help to you. If you ever wondered what is meant when a job 'bleeds' or when a 'dummy' is needed, then here is your chance to wise up on printers' jargon.

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The application of transparent plastic film, usually with a high-gloss finish, to the surface of printed matter to enhance its appearance and to increase its durability


Space between the lines of text

Letterpress Printing

This is a printing method using a protruded printing surface which is in contact with both paper and ink

Lines Per Inch (LPI)

The number of rows of dots per inch in a halftone; The LPI is an indicator of the quality of the resolution

Lithographic Printing

This is a printing method using a flush printing and non-printing surface which is in contact with paper. The non-printing areas are treated to attract water which prevents ink from attaching

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