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Print Glossary

Listed below in our Print Glossary are the common terms used within the printing industry in everyday speak as well as a few definitions and explanations that will be of great help to you. If you ever wondered what is meant when a job 'bleeds' or when a 'dummy' is needed, then here is your chance to wise up on printers' jargon.

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Pantone, Pantone Matching System and PMS + are Pantone Incs check standard trademarks for colour standards, colour data, colour reproduction and colour reproduction materials, and other colour-related products and services, meeting its specifications, control and quality requirements


Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard from Adobe Systems. The key feature being cross-platform independence. The file itself contains all the fonts, graphics, and page layout information necessary for printing


Style of threadless binding in which the leaves of a book are held together at the binding edge by glue or synthetic adhesive and a suitable lining


Process of printing on a sheet-fed printing press that prints both sides of a sheet in one pass


This is a form of graduation, where it is desirable to have bands of colour created marking out the changes in shade


A Page Description Language (PDL) developed by Adobe, which describes the contents and layout of a page. PostScript also serves as a programming language whereby the PostScript code is executed by a PostScript RIP in the output device in order to produce a printout or film containing the page


PDF based prepress workflow solution for managing prepress and plate production


A copy of a document for checking prior to printing

Carbon Capture & Storage Association Federation of Small Businesses British Print Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Forest Stewardship Council Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Heidelberg ISO 12647-2 Certification

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