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Print Glossary

Listed below in our Print Glossary are the common terms used within the printing industry in everyday speak as well as a few definitions and explanations that will be of great help to you. If you ever wondered what is meant when a job 'bleeds' or when a 'dummy' is needed, then here is your chance to wise up on printers' jargon.

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Tagged Image File Format. Images are saved in this format so that they can be exchanged between different computer applications. It is very commonly used in desktop publishing


A shade of a single colour or combined colours; Mechanical shading in line areas, normally available in 5% steps from 5% to 95%


A positive photographic slide on film allowing light to pass through


The ability to print one ink over the other; When multicolour publications are printed on an offset press, slight misalignment of colour plates or shifting of paper can result in gaps between adjacent objects of colours. Trapping is the process of intentionally overlapping the adjacent colours to compensate for misregistration and prevent these gaps

Trim Size

The final size of one printed image after the last trim is made

Carbon Capture & Storage Association Federation of Small Businesses British Print Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Forest Stewardship Council Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Heidelberg ISO 12647-2 Certification

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