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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions with the answers provided. If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact Alltrade Printers on 0121 359 2346.

  I would just like some help and ask a few questions, can I talk to you?

Yes you can. Whatever your query, our technical and sales personnel will be only too happy to share with you their expertise and experience. Please go to our ‘Contact Us‘ page to find out how you can contact us, and who in particular would be of most help in answering your questions.

  I'm only looking at prices at the moment. Will your sales team pester me if I request only a print estimate?

We will not get in touch with you simply to chase you for your business! Our strict company policy and professional approach mean that we understand your need to consider all options before making a commitment. However, please bear in mind that due to the highly dynamic nature of the printing industry, our estimates are only valid for 30 days from the date of estimate. You will need to request an updated estimate in order to get the correct price for your job requirement.

  If I require paper and job samples, can you obtain these for me?

If you are not completely sure what paper stock you would like your job to be printed on, we can help by providing you with paper swatches that you can use for comparison. Furthermore, we always keep samples of printed work, so all you need to do is tell us what you want and we will show you similar job samples from our portfolio.

  What about graphics design? Do you carry out any design work?

We do carry out a certain amount of design work in-house in our reprographics studio. We also provide services such as scanning and hi-resolution matchprint proofing.

  Will it be okay if I supply my own artwork?

Yes, we accept artwork files supplied by the customer. If you are supplying your own artwork then please ensure that all files are given to us; all font families used in the artwork (printer and screen versions inclusive if necessary), all the hi-resolution images in CMYK format, and any additional plug-ins or xTensions used in the document. Pre-flighting software such as Markzware’s FlightCheck and Preflight Pro from Extensis are the best way to ensure that everything used in the artwork files is collected into one folder, which can then be supplied to a printer.

  How will you check my job for any errors?

We use pre-flighting software to identify and rectify any problems that may arise during printing. We will also run out an in-position proof of your job for you to check and approve before printing at no additional cost. We can also provide hi-resolution proofs at an extra charge if requested.

  Do you work with PDFs?

Yes we do. In fact, our workflow is optimised to handle PDFs. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the PDF you provide us is of acceptable print quality and has all fonts and images embedded. If any fonts cannot be embedded then these need to be supplied with the PDF to eliminate font substitution during printing. All embedded images also need to be in hi-resolution CMYK format. RGB and JPEG images only look good on screen! They are not meant to be used for printing.

  Up to how many colours can you print?

Although our speciality is full colour printing, we are easily able to print as many colours as you would like, ranging from single/multi colour specials to full colour (CMYK) plus specials. To aid drying and improve rub resistance we can offer inline coating in various finishes.

  What sizes can you print up to?

We can produce printed material that varies in size from DL (and even smaller) to B1 (oversized A1). Although our litho printing is mostly done on B2 and B1 sheets, we have the equipment to cut your job down to the required size or finished exactly the way you want. We can currently produce digital print up to A3 size.

  Do you deliver jobs on completion or am I responsible for the collection of my job?

We can cater for either scenario. If you prefer collecting or organising the collection of your job yourself, then we will ensure that it is suitably packed/palletised and ready for you to collect. Alternatively, we can also offer you a delivery service via couriers at an additional charge. This can be the ideal choice for you where you have a job that needs to be delivered to multiple locations, even if these locations are all across the UK. Let us take the responsibility of ensuring your job gets to where it should and when.

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